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Under The Skin [Oct. 6th, 2006|07:22 pm]
Lindsey Buckingham Fans


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Right, so I was whining a day or two ago about how I hadn't gotten the CD in the mail yet. I got it now! :D

So, a review/commentary:

First of all, the layout/cover design: Anyone else notice the classic "lonely LB" picture behind the CD? All the pictures are good. And I love that he's still wearing the worn out leather-jacket-white-shirt-black-pants gear in every picture with the kids... :)

Not Too Late - I agree that this song is pretty personal. I also LOVE it. Very good opener, I think; not too strange, but not totally what you'd expect either.

Show You How: Is there anyone who DOESN'T think this should be the single? Great song, great hooks, etc. And the video is a little weird (except for the super cool flashing FM and young LB pictures at the end), but maybe that'll work for him...

Under The Skin: Not really sure about this one yet. A little weird for me. Small note re: reliability of lyric sheet - anyone notice that at the end, he sings "long live the queen" (Stevie? Kristin?) instead of the printed "for the asking?" That's what comes out of my stereo, at least.

I Am Waiting: We already knew this one for the most part, and I think it belongs in the spot it's in. Not bad at all.

It Was You: I loved this song just from the online preview, but I had no clue the lyrics were quite as personal as they are! I mean, he pretty much says, "Good thing we got together in 99; these are our kids!" And "caught in history future I couldn't see" HAS to be a reference to The Dance tour/his new album being held back.

To Try For The Sun: Great as ever.

Cast Away Dreams: I've grown to like this song a LOT more than I did the first time I heard the preview. Especially the bridge. I'd almost say it should be a single, except there's no place that would play it!

Shut Us Down: I never saw Elizabethtown. I never heard the soundtrack. Either way, I'm not nuts about this song. It's somewhat repetitive and takes way too long to get through each line. Guitar is nice though.

Down On Rodeo/SGCYM: Know 'em, love 'em (and watch 'em grow?). I love that he chose the version of SGCYM with the horn section. :)

Flying Down Juniper: Also not on my favorites list. The rhythm is entirely NOT what you'd expect - the closest I can think of is maybe Surrender The Rain from OOTC... Otherwise, it drags a bit and wouldn't be my choice to end the album (I don't know what would - maybe TTFS...).

Summary: I don't (for the most part) think the album is particularly "weird" or "out of character" for LB, except maybe for the extreme personalness of it. And the back cover has a very "Little Lies-video" style feel (you know, LB stays off in the background). I'm terrible at ratings, but overall, I really like the album.

Tuesday night at Town Hall NYC! Woohoo!

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[User Picture]From: _sussy_
2006-10-07 05:57 am (UTC)
Well, I've seen a lot of people who didn't like Show You How... but I really love it! :) The album is very good IMHO. ^^
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